Ghana Sanitation

Our WASH work began in northern Ghana in 2015 with an initial human-centered design deep dive aimed at understanding rural Ghanaians' hygiene and sanitation behaviors, needs, barriers, and aspirations across the three northern regions.


Sama Sama, with the support of Global Affairs Canada, has evolved from simply selling latrines into a service provider focused on creating viable market-based solutions that address rural Ghana’s needs for safe and effective sanitation along the value chain.

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Growing pains build sanitation markets

Flexibility. Innovation. Transparency. Lessons learned in building a viable social enterprise for WASH in rural Ghana.


The sales impact for Sama Sama is a story of adaptability. While the sales trend has an upward trajectory, each quarter has had its own challenge. The Sama Sama team is focused on ensuring that each sale leads to a happy customer, and with that grounding principle, our sales strategy has continued to shift.

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Achieving behavioral change

More than sales, we measure progress by how much our WASH products actually get used.

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The role of a social enterprise in achieving WASH impact

In a weak market, building your own business might be the best path to create change.