Cambodia Sanitation

iDE Cambodia has been a leader in achieving market-based sanitation at scale, a watershed for design, a dedicated resource for research and testing, and an example of what can be achieved through the right combination of sales, marketing, and management.


In less than a decade, iDE Cambodia has facilitated more than 300,000 improved latrine purchases through designing new, affordable, aspirational products, creating a robust supply chain, and managing an effective marketing and sales team.

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The evolution of sanitation marketing

The right product, energized businesses, and an innovative sales and marketing strategy combine to scale.


iDE investments in management tools provide invaluable data and support rapid decision-making, enabling the program to adapt and deliver results at scale under changing conditions.

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Adaptive program management

The development approach should be adapted over time to find the most effective way to reach objectives based on experience.

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A new way to increase supply

Addressing volatility in the supply chain through better management using real-time data.